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How do we do it?

Mena Mortgage Services is committed to bringing the best personal experience to anyone in Dubai or around the world wishing to buy any property for any purpose at any value through integrity, flawless execution and quality.

The mortgage process

To help you understand what to expect from Mena Mortgage Services, please find below an explanation of the process once you have made contact with us.

Initial contact

A Mena Mortgage Services representative will take a few basic details from you. Your current situation, desired meeting location and preferred time will be taken into consideration when choosing the best adviser for your needs. A confirmation email, including map, appointment time and consultants details, will be sent to you within 2 hours of booking the appointment.

You will then receive a call direct from your consultant who will take a few more details concerning you and your situation so that they may commence some preliminary research. This will ensure that you will leave your first meeting feeling more informed regarding the choices available to you.

Face-to-face meeting with your adviser

The mortgage adviser will call you on the day of the appointment to remind you of the time and location of your meeting.

The meeting will take between 40 minutes and one hour and will begin with an explanation of how Mena Mortgage Services can help you, how we are different from other brokers and lenders, and what rights you have as a customer. We'll find out more detailed information with regards to your residency, financial

situation and credit history to allow us to determine the best mortgage lenders and products for you personally. In addition, we'll discuss what kind of property you are looking to buy and your financial expectations - this will help your adviser to further tailor the advice to your own personal situation.

Your adviser will then answer any further questions you may have and provide explanations of mortgage types, interest rates, the mortgage process and the additional costs of buying a home to ensure there are no surprises as you proceed through your application - all of these will be explained simply and without any financial jargon.

After the meeting

Your broker will research deals from across the market for you and using the information from the initial meeting will recommend a handful of products (usually two to five) that are most suitable for your individual circumstances. Once you agree with our recommendation we'll then arrange a Pre Approval after which you generally have three months to select the correct property. We'll continue to research the market and keep you updated on a daily basis with any changes and information on lenders and interest rates.

After finding the property

Congratulations, you found the property which you wish to purchase. Mena Mortgage Services will sit with you and run through the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) contract before you sign them.

This is important as upon signing the agreement you are expected to pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price. Once you are happy with the contract and its content you are then required to sign for the property. Often this process does take a few days as Mena Mortgage Services will add clauses to the contract anticipating the current market situation. Mena Mortgage Services will not allow your deposit to be at risk.

After signing the paperwork

Mena Mortgage Services will handle everything until you receive the keys to the property. The valuation, offer, NOC and transfer to name but a few of the steps. Each developer follows a slightly different process so once the specific property has been chosen your Mena Mortgage Services consultant will meet with you and clearly explain to you the process in detail for your specific transaction.

After taking ownership of the property

If you plan to live in the property Mena Mortgage Services will offer advice on getting connected to DEWA, DU etc or if you plan to rent the property out then they may advise the steps which to follow to do this. If the property is for commercial purpose they also have specialist agents who they can refer you to.


Mena Mortgage Services will speak to you every day until you get the keys to the property (transfer) or will refund any fee’s you have paid.

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